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Over the past 20 years, “MegaNet” has accumulated a wealth of experience in international trade marketing and export media. Catering to business needs, we have traveled to countries like Europe, the United States, and Japan, participating in hundreds of international professional exhibitions. We have surveyed tens of thousands of buyers to deeply understand the key issues and buyer demands. This has led us to develop unique marketing strategies that effectively target buyers.

MegaNet — Export Internet Integrated Marketing Consultancy Firm

Composed of professional managers with over 15 years of experience in international marketing.

Export Marketing Experts
Internet Marketing Specialists
Silicon Valley IT Digital System Experts
Brand Innovation Specialists
Visual Multimedia Experts
Composed of individuals with Master’s and Doctorate degrees from renowned universities both domestic and international, each member has extensive experience in international trade and marketing. With expertise in professionalism, marketing, interaction, strategy, technology, and creativity, we effectively cater to client needs through customized marketing plans and business development, aiming to secure endless business opportunities and critical success factors for our clients.

Distinct Marketing – Building enterprises into globally competitive industry leaders.

We specialize in tailor-made marketing plans that directly address client needs, including brand positioning, competitive analysis, conversion rate optimization, and strategies for surpassing competitors, thereby developing business and capturing infinite opportunities and key factors for success.

Mktking Marketing King – Integrated Internet Marketing Consultancy for International Trade

Comprised of a team of seasoned professionals in international marketing and e-commerce management.

Integrated Internet Marketing Consultancy Team for International Trade.

Creating unique value and branding for enterprises.

Enhancing the competitive edge of businesses.

Winning marketing strategies.

Attract buyers to come to you proactively.

Quickly close deals.

Gigasources Marketing

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