Export Marketing

Export Marketing—Animation, Multimedia, Email Advertising: Unleashing New Opportunities, Channels, and Media

  • Unique animation techniques, compelling advertisements, and effective product presentations
  • Proactive email marketing, timely delivery, and capturing global buyer opportunities

Multimedia Animation—Strongly Attract Buyers

Through sound, visuals, and animations, grab the attention of buyers, making them pause and take notice.

Design your product with unique selling points to captivate buyers into reading your advertisements.

Fully express the features and attributes of your products, igniting interest among buyers.

Craft your competitive advantage to instill confidence in buyers towards your company.

Provide advantageous information to sway buyers into choosing you over your competitors.

If buyers merely skim through your advertisements without paying much attention, the chance of closing a deal becomes very slim.

Proactive Email Marketing—Ads Delivered to All Buyers Within 1-3 Days 

  1. Exclusive advertisements that only let the buyer see your company’s ads. 
  2. Allows buyers to test product features and interact directly from the advertisement. 
  3. Your ad is only visible to you and the buyer, ensuring product confidentiality.
  4. No need for price haggling when dealing with buyers.

All of these are capabilities that print media and websites can’t offer!

Permission-Based CRM Buyer List—Categorized by Industry

20 years of exhibition attendance for list gathering.

Over 100 international magazine exchange lists.

Acquired from the world’s largest list companies.

Tracking, analysis, and updating.

Create a permission-based effective list database, categorized by industry.

Tailor to your company’s needs: target market, product category, list quantity.

Focus on designated buyers for development.

Massive and Rapid Distribution—Speed Determines Victory or Defeat

In this fast-paced and highly competitive digital era, the ability to distribute quickly and on a large scale is the key to business success!

Industry Advertising Exposure Rate

Your ads account for just one percent of all ads in industry-specific print magazines and websites. In contrast, MegaNet targets your business category with a 100% handpicked buyer list for exclusive distribution, offering exposure rates dozens of times higher than traditional print and web ads.

Declining Ad Performance

According to a survey by Upiter Research in the U.S., the way buyers consume advertisements is changing. The latest data shows that 63% of ads are viewed via email marketing, 22% via website banners, and 15% through traditional print media. Given these challenges with traditional outbound print advertising, are you still relying on it?

MegaNet Team – Company Background

MegaNet is comprised of a group of seasoned managers and experts in international trade marketing, multimedia creativity, and enterprise digitization. Each member has over twenty years of professional experience in foreign trade, meeting international standards.

Pioneers in Export Email Marketing

We are the first in the domestic export media industry to establish an advanced, proactive multimedia professional EMAIL advertising company. Using cutting-edge technology, innovative ideas, and sophisticated multimedia animations, our business philosophy and goal are to proactively and quickly connect exporters with buyers.

Committed Service

MegaNet is not about one-time success; our pursuit is ongoing partnerships and high levels of satisfaction with our clients. We set high standards for ourselves and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in foreign trade promotion. Please give us the opportunity to collaborate and serve you, as we aim for prosperous achievements in foreign trade together.

《Customized Professional Solutions – Exclusively Crafting Powerful Export Tools”》

Seize the Initiative for Early Wins-Actively and effectively engage with buyers for real-time sales. 

Exclusive Market Development-Interact one-on-one with buyers, avoiding price wars and quickly closing deals.

Dynamic Multimedia Production-Enter the realm of TV advertising to strongly capture the attention and buying motivation of buyers.

Curated Buyer Lists-Handpick buyer lists based on specific regions, industries, and list sizes.

Rapid and Mass Buyer Outreach-Quickly and proactively send bulk messages to buyers’ inboxes through EMAIL advertising.

Enhanced Competitive Edge-Make buyers choose you over your competitors.

Fast, Simple, Direct

The key is to have buyers choose you, which means understanding their needs. Knowing how buyers make choices and when they’re ready to purchase is crucial. By aligning your products and messaging with their needs, buyers will naturally prioritize you.

20 Years of Export Experience and Communication with Tens of Thousands of Buyers
This depth of experience enables us to provide effective solutions and craft advertising that makes buyers choose you.

We Truly Understand the Valuable Insights and Actual Needs of Buyers
We understand what factors or reasons influence buyers to place an order.

Prospective Buyers 

You should aim not just for buyers, but for prospective buyers who are genuinely interested in purchasing your products.

Customers shop around and haggle over prices, so even if you secure an order, the profit margin might be minimal. The right marketing approach is proactive and involves ongoing efforts to identify new potential customers and prospective buyers. This requires exploring new channels and markets.

Unique marketing strategies

make you memorable to buyers and enable quick deals and successful business transactions. 

Distinctive marketing practices

create core value and competitiveness for clients, segment the market, and address buyer needs through integrated marketing, facilitating quick order placement and successful business deals.

The psychology of purchasing involves

1. Attention 2. Interest 3. Desire 4. Determination 5. Impulse

Website clicks and traffic don’t necessarily equate to conversion rates; only completed transactions generate profit for you.

Spotlight Marketing | Focused Marketing

1. Captivate Consumers 2. Make Consumers Remember You 3. Encourage Consumers to Actively Purchase from You

Being seen by buyers is important, but being remembered by them is even more crucial.

It’s important for buyers to recognize you, but choosing you is what really counts.

Winning in front of others

Does your advertising elicit emotional appeals from buyers? Does your advertising inspire trust in buyers?

Buyers say that good advertising instills confidence, establishes identification, and facilitates transactions.

The first impression buyers get when they encounter your product matters greatly.

Buyers may not even be aware of your existence. This harsh reality may sting, but the underlying fact could be that they’re not particularly concerned with your marketing efforts.

Utilize marketing opportunities without exceeding the budget, stick to your plan, target competitors’ weaknesses, and learn how to continuously enhance your strategies. The underlying reasons might be far beyond your imagination.

Avoid unnecessary detours. Foreknowledge is priceless, and the chance of success increases only when you correct your own perceptions and attitudes.

Not only is the landscape of marketing becoming increasingly complex, but the competition surrounding you could also be much more extensive than you might think.

Solicit customer opinions and feedback, and ask if they have used such methods for sales and advertising development.

Emphasize one-to-one, proactive communication, and immediate handling of business.

Design a buyer’s market targeted solely at one company, with customization in quantity and other factors.

Exclusive advertising eliminates competition and the need for price comparison.

One-to-one is akin to conducting business face-to-face with the buyer, allowing you to close deals without participating in exhibitions.