Proactive Email Marketing

  1. No More Waiting, Take Initiative: Exhibitions, websites, and print advertising are all passive approaches. Only our service proactively reaches out to develop buyer relationships.
  2. Direct One-on-One Engagement: Direct negotiations, conversations, and sales with buyers eliminate haggling and allow immediate business opportunities. To secure deals, one-on-one engagement is crucial.
  3. Seize the Moment: Proactively engaging with buyers sets you up as the future winner.
  4. In the Fast-Paced Digital World: Get global visibility in just 1-2 days, boosting your brand recognition and quickly expanding your market reach.

Custom Solutions, Influence Buyer Decisions

  1. Target buyers based on their industry, market demand, and create a curated list of buyers.
  2. Distinguish target buyer groups according to industry type, country, and region.
  3. Target Audience: Importers, wholesalers, department stores, agents, and manufacturers.
  4. Massive and Ongoing Development of Potential Buyers.

The Most Precise Customized B2B Email Marketing


  1. Automatically browse websites through world-renowned search engines, ensuring you don’t miss any potential opportunities for a deal.
  2. Instantly access accurate email lists, enhancing targeting precision. This focused approach ensures zero wasted effort.
  3. Self-monitored and adjustable search engine algorithms provide full control over the credibility and effectiveness of your emails.
  4. Automatically execute tasks like email list extraction, duplicate list comparison, and removal of invalid entries, making it effortless to acquire the most current and effective mailing lists.
  5. AI-powered Rapid Bulk Email System, utilizing Taiwan’s most efficient emailing software, achieving up to a 90% open rate.
  6. Customized Email Marketing Solutions including design, settings, and copywriting—all done for you in one go.
  7. Incognito Mode Email Delivery provides a secure environment for your personal information, eliminating the concern of data breaches.