AI Marketing

Exclusive technology developed by JuWang, precisely targeting global buyers, influencing buyer decisions, and quickly closing deals.

1.AI-Driven Precise List — Over the past 20 years, JuWang has consistently organized and matched information from trade shows, the internet, industry categories, and business associations, creating a precise and effective live database of global buyers.

2. AI-Powered Mass Emailing System — We keep pace with the times, continuously updating and surpassing ourselves. Currently, we are using Taiwan’s most efficient emailing system with an open rate of up to 90%.

3. AI Big Data, Effortlessly Uncover Business Opportunities — Build your own big data database, featuring multi-industry buyer analysis mechanisms. We offer the world’s most accurate AI database to gain insights into the behavior of international buyers, allowing for precise ad targeting!

4. Tailor-Made Customized Services — Creation, setup, design, copywriting, and sales for email marketing. Catering to different foreign buyers, our AI system automatically applies sender, recipient, reply-to, subject, preview text, content, attachment filenames, and attachment files.

5. Incognito Mode Email Sending — Unlike general sending services that use third-party servers, we come equipped with a dedicated email server cluster and independent network lines. This provides a secure environment for your personal information, so you don’t have to worry about data breaches.


  1. Direct and fast, instantaneously reach the buyers you’re targeting.
  2. Ensure that buyers see only you, one-to-one sales, critical for successful transactions.
  3. Customized to your needs, master the global buyer landscape, influence buyer decisions, and quickly close deals.