Advertising Animation

Multimedia Animation—Strongly Captivating Buyers

  1. Through sound, visuals, and animations, we strongly captivate buyers, making them pause their browsing.
  2. We design your product with unique selling points to attract buyers into reading your ads.
  3. We fully express the features and attributes of your product, sparking interest in potential buyers.
  4. We design your competitive advantages to instill confidence in buyers towards your company.
  5. We provide compelling information that persuades buyers to choose you over your competitors.

Latest Advertising Strategy—Ad Tech

  1. Ad Tech generally refers to the use of information technology to collect big data. This helps manufacturers and advertisers to precisely target consumer demographics. Advertisements are then placed through the most appropriate media channels, and their effectiveness is subsequently evaluated.
  2. From the perspective of advertising effectiveness, traditional advertising thinking has become obsolete in the era of online communities. Besides having excellent creative performance in the advertisement itself, the consumption driven by the advertisement is increasingly questionable.
  3. Instead of spending costs on traditional media channels for advertising, Ad Tech focuses more on interacting with consumers (or potential consumers) through online communities.
  4. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the total value of marketing in the post-pandemic era is estimated to reach 634 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 4% compared to the previous year. This suggests that sufficient consumer spending is encouraging manufacturers to invest more in marketing strategies.
  5. Instead of placing advertisements during prime time on television, Ad Tech proactively extends to websites, web pages, or program intervals frequently visited by potential consumers. We call this “Programmatic Advertising.
  6. Utilizing “Ad Tech” enables manufacturers and advertisers to allocate their marketing budgets more precisely. They can use the right advertising content, delivered through the right advertising channels, to the right consumers. This means that “Ad Tech” can significantly reduce unnecessary marketing budgets, directly delivering brand information to the consumer groups that need it, creating a win-win situation for both parties.
  7. According to statistics from the renowned American marketing management website HubSpot, at least 85% of businesses are using visual media to advertise their brands or products. Similarly, at least 85% of customers wish to learn more about the products, services, or brand stories through visual content such as company overviews, product introductions, usage methods, and online live shopping. These visual services have largely replaced textual descriptions and have become the mainstream in marketing channels.
  8. Capturing Audience Attention Is No Easy Task,Based on statistics, the average time spent browsing ads online is approximately eight seconds. This means you must persuade your audience to continue watching your brand story or product advertisement within these eight seconds. Therefore, even for online ads, poorly crafted videos will be phased out. What replaces them are more professional videos with cinematic quality.
  9. Therefore, We Are Your Best Choice and Guarantee。Our team consists of seasoned photographers and lighting experts, versatile scriptwriters and directors, as well as animators and editors proficient in various types of video post-production.
  10. Our Ad Videos Excel in Shaping Corporate Image, Crafting Brand Stories, and Boosting Brand Loyalty.
  11. With Precise Market Research as the Backbone and Creativity as the Support, We Produce Memorable Ad Videos.

Ad Videos Should Capture the Audience’s Attention Within the First Five Seconds, Persuading Them to Watch the Entire Ad.