Consulting Team

Giant Web Competitive Strategy Marketing Consultants

For 15 Years, We’ve Used Unique Competitive Strategies and Marketing Thinking to Create Differentiating New Competitive Advantages for Clients,Creating a Larger Niche and Establishing Unique Brand Allure,Winning Strategies that Go Beyond Competing,apture the Hearts of Consumers at Crucial Moments and Make Your Product a Big Hit!

We Listen to Consumer Needs, Insist on Constant R&D, Innovate, Diversify, and Strive for Perfection Without Limits.We Are Your Reliable Long-Term Marketing Consulting Team!

  1. Take the Initiative and Master the Future, Become the Leading Manufacturer
  2. Establish a Distinctive Brand That Stands Out Among Many Competitors
  3. Differentiate to Win in the Competitive Market, and Make Your Product a Best-Seller

James:Competitive Strategy and Marketing Consultant

Education:Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Chinese Culture University.

Experience: Formerly held positions in International Internet Marketing, Brand Positioning, Visual Advertising Planning, Online Multimedia, Director of Print Media Execution, and CEO and Convener of the Mega Web Consultation Group.

Years of Service in Relevant Field:15 years of experience in competitive strategy and internet marketing planning.

  • ExpertiseSpecializes in International Trade Marketing, Brand Positioning, Marketing Strategies, Conversion Rate Optimization, E-commerce Planning, Mobile Commerce Planning, Website Optimization, Advertising, and Apps. Offers rich international professional knowledge and experience, capable of assisting businesses in creating brand identities with unique value and international competitiveness.

Julian Clegg International Trade and Marketing Consultant

Education : Graduated from a university in the United Kingdom.

Experience: Experience in foreign media and industry reporting, English newspaper editing, and handling international trade affairs.

Years of Service in Relevant Field: 15 years of experience in international trade consultancy.

  • Expertise:Specializes in international trade marketing, advertising, and writing product and industry reports.
  • Language Proficiency: Fluent in English, Chinese, French, and German.

Raymond Brand Planning and Marketing Strategy Consultant

Education: National Chengchi University, Graduate Institute of Business Administration

Experience: Seasoned in both local and foreign companies, with experience on both the client and agency sides. Familiar with Taiwan’s marketing landscape, led multinational corporate marketing strategies, and more than a decade of marketing experience. Skilled in operating various marketing tools, prioritizing marketing strategies and integrating marketing tools for maximum impact.

Years of Relevant Service: 15 years as a brand marketing consultant.

  • Expertise: Brand positioning, marketing planning, corporate training, advertising planning, certified marketing research manager, leading multinational corporate marketing strategies, executed hundreds of successful marketing cases.

WISDOM Corporate Health Assessment and Business Performance Improvement Consultant

Education : Bachelor’s in Mechatronics, Master’s in Business Management from the UK, and a Ph.D. in Management (E-commerce) from Central South University.


  1. Head of Systems Design/Revision, Auditing, Process and Project Reporting for the Formosa Plastics Group Corporation (including hospitals) under the guidance of Wang Yung-ching.
  2. Manager and operations supervisor at accounting firms, specializing in accounting and assistance with IPOs and listings.
  3. Lecturer on business analysis in executive management programs at National Chengchi University.
  4. Advised and guided over 250 companies in the long term on business strategy, investment, finance, HR, and marketing. Also specialized in process reengineering, systems establishment, and implementation of ISO series, IPOs, training, computerization, and digitization (A.B.C.D plan).
  5. Expertise in Chinese state-owned enterprises’ reform and reorganization.

Years of Related Service:20 years in business analysis and performance improvement consulting


  • Business health diagnostics and operational performance analysis & improvement, including hospital management
  • Strategic human resource planning, evaluation,and implementation of ERP, SCM, KM, CRM, etc., E-Business and M-Business planning & integration
  • Establishing, implementing, and evaluating business strategy planning, performance assessment, budgeting, and operational activities
  • Establishing、implementing, and auditing accounting systems, internal controls (management systems), and audit protocols

Miles International SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultant

Education : Industrial Design, Chung Yuan Christian University

Experience: Self-taught in web search technology, with 8 years of professional experience in international SEO. In-depth analysis of over 3,000 websites and optimization of more than 600 websites.

Years of Related Service: 8 years in international SEO

  • Specialties: Google international SEO optimization, white-hat SEO,website user experience, website optimization, SEO strategicplanning, keyword ranking, keyword SEO planning and execution,SEO optimization for marketing campaigns, improving industry benchmark keyword ranking, Yahoo keyword ranking

Arthur:Systems and App ConsultantAPP

Education: Business Management, Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences

Experience: Project management, system analysis and design, system testing, website security scanning, website marketing and planning.
E-commerce, website development, mobile app development, project quality control systems, security control systems, bank customer service management systems, bank FOP workflow management systems, internet sales management systems, contact lens wearable apps.

Years of Related Service: 15 years in systems project management


  • Languages

Java(Spring, Hibernate), Jsp, Servlet, JavaScript, Android, PL SQL, C++, C#, Object C, HTML5, CSS

  • operating system

Windows, Window Server, Linux, Mac OS
database MS-SQL, MySQL, DB2, Oracle
Professional certification RedHat LDAP, Java SCJP, Window 2000, 中華民國專利一件(跨資料庫的設計方法)

Kiyo:Visual Design, Multimedia Animation, Art Consultant

Education: University of York – Department of Visual Arts; Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology – Department of Computer Graphic Multimedia and Animation.
Experience:Previously worked at international record companies in multimedia design, television stations in website design, and computer companies in UI design, product packaging design, and industrial product design. Also founded a designer toy brand and entered the Chinese animation market.

Years of Related Service: 15 years of professional design experience.


  • Graphic Design / Brand identity and image planning, visual packaging design, and graphic illustrations
  • Multimedia Design / User-interface design for software, corporate website development, and multimedia video production
  • Animation Production / Cartoon animation, character design in animation, and opening sequence animation
  • Industrial Product Design / Product visual and aesthetic design, color scheme planning, and designer toy brand development

Darren Cross-Strait Advertising and Marketing Consultant

Education:China Culture University

Experience:Previously worked in various roles in Taiwan’s media industry, including as an integrated marketing manager for evening papers, daily newspapers, and entertainment news.
Joined China Broadcasting Media in 2004, serving as the General Manager for the advertising business group.
Subsequently worked as a business director and executive consultant for management consulting and advertising firms.

Years of Relevant Service: 20 years in Cross-Strait advertising and marketing

  • Expertise: Entered the newspaper media industry in 1982 Specializes in newspaper advertising operations, strategy research, and sales technique execution、Design and promotion of cross-industry alliances、On-the-ground media engagement and customer service skills training、Sales force organization and management,Internet marketing。

Stella International Public Relations Consultant

Education:Master’s Degree in Public Relations, Marquette University, USA
Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, English Program, National Chengchi University

  • Experience:Handling international public relations affairs,Worked as an English-language reporter for export media,Reporting on the current status of export industries,Conducted interviews with industry traders and manufacturers for in-depth reports。Translations covering laws, manuals, user guides, direct mail, articles, letters, documents, videotapes, movies, as well as exhibitions, conferences, and on-site interpreting.

Years of Relevant Service: 15 years in international public relations and translation
Areas of Expertise:International Public Relations,English Advertising Copywriting,Translation,Conference and On-Site Interpreting.