Mainland China Marketing

Three Key Points for Mainland China Marketing Strategy

  • Leveraging MIT Taiwan Branding Is Essential!
  • Unless there are special circumstances, most Taiwanese products entering the mainland China market
  • have “Taiwan” as their unique selling point and not much else.
  • For mainland consumers, “Taiwan” represents something more flamboyant
  • novel, safer, and more trustworthy.Therefore, your foremost task in mainland China marketing is to emphasize that you offer genuine Taiwanese products.
  • Tip:Taiwan’s earlier recognition of Japanese goods is similar to how mainland Chinese now recognize Taiwanese goods.
  • I’m a Red-Hot Brand in Taiwan!
  • Despite the lack of democratic openness in mainland China,their media landscape is quite developed.
    If you can get mainland Chinese media to cover your product from the angle of it being a “popular Taiwanese product,” you’ve obtained excellent marketing material.
  • In many cases, people in mainland China may not be able to determine
  • whether a product is popular in Taiwan.,This is similar to how you might not know if a certain product
  • is popular in Japan,,If all your promotional language and materials in your mainland China marketing plan continually emphasize this point, and if it is backed up by endorsements from news media as mentioned in the first point, it would be hard for mainland consumers not to believe it.
  • 3. Avoid Shotgun Approach, Don’t Overdo Ads!
  • Mainland China is vast; running a few ads will hardly make a difference. Your marketing strategy for mainland China should focus on steady operations. This means you need long-term, consistent exposure, and exposure does not necessarily have to be through advertisements.
  • Mainland China is highly dependent on the internet due to its vast expanse, making online information crucial. If you’re going to market in mainland China, you must invest a significant effort into internet marketing there. You need to have a long-term, stable online presence, whether it’s on forums, online media, or the increasingly popular Weibo.
  • Continuous daily, weekly, and monthly exposure and repeated promotion of popular Taiwanese products will eventually establish a certain level of coverage and a modest level of brand awareness. Finally, you can pick a festival or holiday to run special promotions. That would be the ideal time to ramp up advertisements.

Unique Advantages of Online News Marketing
1. Efficient and Highly Penetrative,This is the greatest feature of online news marketing.
Companies can independently plan product, market, and event press releases, and place them on news portal websites, commercial portal websites, and industry websites to efficiently achieve their marketing goals.

2.Powerful and Permanent Marketing
Once you’ve placed your articles on news portals and industry websites, they generally stay there forever, making it many times more effective than one-off TV or newspaper marketing.

3.Easy Search Engine Visibility for Company Information and Branding
As long as the company utilizes news releases on portal websites for marketing, target customers and the general public can easily search for company information and website content. This significantly increases opportunities for marketing and promotion.

4.Lower Costs, Longer and Wider Reach
Compared to traditional marketing channels like TV, newspapers, and radio, the cost of releasing articles on major portal websites is only a fraction of the former, yet the dissemination effect can reach a global audience. Anyone, anywhere with internet access can find the company’s marketing news releases.

二、 Recommended Websites for News Marketing:
First, prioritize national-level, medium-to-large-sized official portal online media.
Next, consider commercial portal websites.
After that, look to industry-specific portal sites.
Lastly, consider blogs, Weibo, QQ, and forums for news release marketing.

1.National-level and Medium-to-Large-Sized Official Online Media in Hong Kong:Notable platforms include Xinhua, CCTV, Qianlong, China Economic Net, Phoenix Net, China Business Network, China Youth Network,, China Corporate News Network, People’s Daily Online,, China Business News Network, China News Service, China Economic News Service, TOM, Takungpao (Hong Kong), China Trade Network, China Industry Network, and many others between 70–100 in total. These are all top-tier, authoritative official websites.
2.Commercial Portal Websites and Provincial Official Websites:Key websites include NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Yahoo, 28 Business Network, TOM, Tencent, Northeast Network, Shanghai Online, Orient Network, China Shandong Network, China Jiangxi Network, Shenzhen City Network, Guangzhou Window, etc., with more than 200 such websites.
3.Industry Portal Sites:Each industry has different sites, so no specific mentions here.
4.Blog, QQ, and Forum News Release Marketing:The effectiveness is generally average; businesses should use these platforms cautiously.
5.Weibo Marketing:You’ll need your own Weibo account or pay for promoters. Effectiveness is closely tied to trending news topics. The spread mainly depends on repost volume, so having good channels is beneficial. Currently, the effect is still okay.

三、Press Release on National-level and Medium-to-Large-Sized Online Media, Commercial Portal Websites, etc.

四、Search Engine Indexing Status
More than 80% of national-level and medium-to-large-sized online media will be indexed by search engines. Commercial portal sites like Tencent and Sohu are facing stiff competition, and their public attention is gradually declining. Baidu has a relatively low indexing rate, while Sina and NetEase have high indexing rates.

五、Writing High-End Press Releases (800-1000 words)
Currently, domestic enterprises with long-term perspectives mostly plan online news marketing in stages. They send each article to 5-20-50 different websites, aiming for timely marketing and cluster-bomb-style promotion.

Key Points
To successfully implement news-style promotion, it’s crucial to write quality press releases that are highly regarded by search engines and naturally incorporate keywords. This requires specialized skills in planning and writing that non-professional journalists may find challenging.

With many websites, it is easy to reach the top few pages or even the homepage of Baidu rankings.

Additional Notes

The results of online news marketing may not be immediate, but its sustainability and breadth are most beneficial. It’s a cost-effective, long-lasting advertising channel that’s being keenly pursued by savvy businesses.
The pricing is flexible, depending on whether you want a comprehensive or piecemeal approach.

Practical news cases for your reference in news model promotion

一、Enterprise News Planning
1、YiWang Internet Cable: Winning Domestic and International Clients Through Quality
2、ZeHao Industries: Providing First-Class Service to Domestic Clients

The market is saturated with B2B eCommerce platforms, but these are primarily media social types without offering sales and management services, nor cross-border sales and overseas warehousing management mechanisms.

Traditional e-commerce platforms have tried to break this barrier and actively promote cross-border services. However, after thorough analysis and evaluation, they still can’t overcome several cross-border barriers. Mere warehousing capabilities don’t necessarily reduce the sellers’ costs for cross-border sales.

E-Commerce + IoT

A complete end-to-end B2B2C automated cloud platform integrating logistics, cash flow, and e-commerce channels through powerful data connections. It links multiple data databases extensively to maximize cross-national trade on e-commerce platforms automatically. Regular reports are generated using cloud technology to provide suppliers with effective data for analysis, thereby realizing the concept of the Internet of Things in trade. This allows Taiwanese suppliers to get real-time reports through remote control.

Breaking Traditional Trade Boundaries Through E-Commerce Integration

We’ve leveraged cutting-edge supply chain technology to not only shorten channel links but also integrate international logistics and overseas warehouse management via intelligent cloud systems. We will be resourcefully integrating multiple international e-commerce sales points. By linking channels with logistics and integrating logistics with smart systems, we facilitate suppliers to freely trade and effectively promote their international brands. We are transitioning from regional e-commerce to a cross-border model to embrace the global e-commerce paradigm.

Over the past 25 years, “GiantWeb” has amassed substantial experience in international trade marketing and foreign trade media. We’ve visited numerous countries, including Europe, the United States, and Japan, attending hundreds of international professional exhibitions. Furthermore, we’ve conducted surveys with tens of thousands of buyers, thoroughly understanding the key issues and buyer needs. This has led to the development of unique marketing strategies that effectively capture buyers.

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